Final Drive Ratio Kart -  Technical and Solutions to choose the optimal sprockets for your kart


Final Drive Ratio Kart -  Technical and Solutions to choose the optimal sprockets for your kart
The choice of the final drive ratio as it is known is essential to make the most of the potential of the engine. Also in karting this is very important, both for engines with gearbox, both for single speed engines.

In the competitions the choice of the final ratio, as well as the characteristics of the engine, also depends on the characteristics of the track where you race, in fact the layout of the track and the grip conditions determine the maximum speeds of each curve, and consequently according to the sprockets chosen the engine revolutions, it is therefore easy to understand that ideally at the exit of each corner the engine should be at a speed that allows makes the most of its torque and power characteristics.

In shifter engines, this is easier because in function of the speed that you have in each corner, the driver can choose a different shift gear, but even in this case, being the number of shift gear limited, it will be difficult to have the perfect shift gear for each corner.

With the same engine, as well as the characteristics of the track, the choice of the final drive ratio is also linked to the atmospheric conditions and to the ground grip, in fact the aerodynamic drag of the kart depends both on the air density, both on the tire rolling resistance, while the power that the engine can produce is only related to the density of the air.

It is clear, therefore, that the engine power and the resistant power do not vary in the same way, for this reason when the conditions change the balance changes and it is necessary to intervene on the final drive ratio to find the optimal compromise.


As we have seen the variables that intervene on the choice of the final drive ratio of the kart ratio are many, so if you really want to get the most out of your engine in every track, and in any condition, to include in the interventions of setup also che choice of the optimal sprockets, is surely a further step to be successful.

In the tests on a specific track it would be appropriate to dedicate some sessions to identify the best final drive ratio to use, but the problem arises in the race w.e where in fact there isn't the time available for testing, but you must choose directly without fail.

In this case the experience and the data accumulated during the tests are crucial, but often are not sufficient to really make the best choice, in fact the atmospheric conditions and of grip can be very different from one session to another, so the choices that were adequate, are likely to not be true, for this reason the support of tools and software that can help to take into account of the new conditions to find the optimal sprockets for the kart are essential to obtain the maximum performance.

Continuing the reading you can start thinking of putting a important step for the growth technique of your team and of your job.

Solution to choose the optimal sprockets of your kart on qualify and on race

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Final Drive Ratio Kart -  Technical and Solutions to choose the optimal sprockets for your kart