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SET-UP Tyre optimal pressure kart tyres by NT-Project
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SET-UP TYRE In the motorsport the tires features are today the starting point to begin the work, both in the vehicle development, both in the setup phase. Also in the kart this aspect has a fundmental importance, but unfortunately there aren’t the necessary informations and technical knowledges, therefore it comes neglected, and the technical choices are made for attempts, using  only the experience of a good mechanic, and the sensations of a good driver. Thanks to the software SET-UP TYRE you can instead know the tires features and to find the optimal inflation pressures to have the best setup more easily, and above all to satisfy more fastly the needs of each driver for his driving style.

How it works?

With this new software we’ve developed a series of calculations that allow to determine the tyres features simply making easy geometrical measures.

SET-UP TYRE - Kart Tyres Features Calculation - by NT-Project

You’ll need of a meter, a pressure gauge, and of a few of string, and simply measuring,  the circumference and the section perimeter of the tire, and the dimensions of the rim, at a couple of inflation pressures, and the software we’ll be able to calculate the effective structural features of the tire.

SET-UP TYRE - Kart Tyres Features Calculation - by NT-Project
If you don't have the possibility to perform the measurements, for a starting calculation you can use the data provided from the manufacter on the homologation fiche.
SET-UP TYRE - Kart Tyres Homolgated CIK-FIA - by NT-Project SET-UP TYRE - Measures Kart Tyres Homolgated CIK-FIA - by NT-Project
This is important to understand fastly the behavior of each brand and model of tire, but also to verify if there are difference between a set and another of the same tire model, in fact one of the problems that often there are in the kart is the stability of the tire features, not for the compound, but for the structural behavior.

Entering then the kart features and the acquired informations that allow to characterize the track, the software can calculate the loads acting on the wheels in the different driving phases, and to find the optimal inflation pressure for each condition.
SET-UP TYRE - Kart and Acquisition Data - by NT-Project

In fact the tyres features are hightly affected from the inflation pressure (read our paper if you want deepen), therefore the choices of pressure for the front wheels, the rear wheels, and the chassis setting, should be all coordinated to obtain the maximun in each phase of the driving.

Thanks to this software then you could understand how change, the grip level, the basic trim (understeer / oversteer), and the entity of the power loss for the rolling resistance, in function of the inflation pressure.

To find then the optimal inflation pressures for your needs will result easy, and you'll allow to improve fastly the performance and the driveability in each condition.


In function of geometric and structural features, the software calculates how change the tyre performances changing the inflation pressure.

The software shows the graphs of the performances comparing the results of the front tyre and of the rear tyre.
SET-UP TYRE - Kart Tyres Performance Calculation - by NT-Project
This allows to understand immediately the pros and cons of the choices for the inflation pressures that you want make.

Entering in the software the inflation pressures that you want use, you'll be able to understand, again more in the detail, the tyre and the kart performance that you'll obtain.
SET-UP TYRE - Kart Tyres Optimal Inflation Pressure Calculation - by NT-Project The software in fact calculates for these pressures:

- front and rear slip angle in the middle of the corner 
- trim conditions (oversteer / understeer) in the middle of the corner
- front and rear grip level 
- power on average lost to win the rolling resistance 
Comparing different choices for the inflation pressures you'll be able to find easily the best solution for your needs.
SET-UP TYRE - Kart Tyres Optimal Inflation Pressure Calculation - by NT-Project For example in the image beside, using the pressures of the test 2 you reduce the understeer, and you increase the grip both at the front, both at the rear, but you increase, both the power lost for rolling, both the slip angle. In function of the track features, and of the driver needs, you'll be able therefore to understand easily which solution choose.
- To modify the kart trim, increasing or decreasing the understeer, or the oversteer, simply acting on the inflation pressures.
- To work on the inflation pressures to improve the corner speed increasing the grip
- To work on the inflation pressures to improve the straight speed, decreasing the power losses
- To foresee how the kart trim will change  from the begin to the end of the race for the different warm-up of the front and rear tires, that will go to modify the pressures.
In addition the software calculates the inflation pressures that allow to have the best comprimise between grip, rolling resistance, and slip angle.
SET-UP TYRE - Kart Tyres Optimal Inflation Pressure Calculation - by NT-Project
Since that the loads change in the different driving conditions, the advised pressures will be differents, will be then the technician to make the final choice in function of the track, or the driving style of the driver, favoring one phase over the others from time to time.

With this instrument you’ll have then the possibility to combine the choices of setup to those of the tire pressure, so you can improve consistently the driving and the lap performance in each situation.



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