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NT-Project is the firm engineering of the Automotive Engineer Tabacchi and was born at the beginning of the new millennium to provide engine development services through the most advanced technologies.

Thanks to the experience matured from Ing. Tabacchi in the field of research and development of engine in the so-called "Motor Valley", in close contact with the most important italian motor companies, both in the racing field, both in the production of road, NT-Project provides services primarily for thermo-fluid dynamics analysis and design of  engine.

The professionalism and the quality of its services have brought NT-Project in a few years to work with important companies in the following sectors:

- SUPERBIKE and SUPERSPORT (exhaust system and camshaft development)
- EXHAUST SYSTEM and MUFFLER AFTER-MARKET (thermo-fluid dynamics design)
- KART and MOTORBIKE ENGINE (thermo-fluid dynamics analysis and design of  engine)
- ENGINE for ULTRALIGHT AIRPLANE (thermo-fluid dynamics analysis and engine development)
- ENGINE for GENERATORS (thermo-fluid dynamics analysis and engine development)
- RACING CAR and RALLY (exhaust system and camshaft design)

NT-Project is a reality, however, that in addition to collaborations of name, also works for little team and tuner, or for private, this is due to the cost effectiveness and to the philosophy to bring a technical enhancement the motoristic sector at all the levels..

In addition to these services NT-Project has developed over the years many motoristic software to help companies, tuners and racing team, both in the development, both in the fine tuning of its own engines and racing vehicles.

The effectiveness and the success of its software have pushed NT-Project to perform an ongoing development and to constantly expand the gamma satisfying the needs of many players of motoristc sector:

- MANUFACTER, TUNER, TEAM - KART (fine tuning of carburation and ignition timing, development reed petals, data acquisition analysis)
- TUNER, TEAM SCOOTER, MINIBIKE (fine tuning of carburation and ignition timing, development reed petals and intake bellmouth, flowbench analysis)
- ENGINE TUNER - MOTORBIKE, RACING CAR and RALLY (camshaft and intake bellmouth design, flowbench analysis)

The many results achievement in these years, are proof that it is not the size that makes the difference (NT-Project is a small company personally supervised by the engineer), but the quality and the reliability of services and products that you offer, combined with the friendliness and the willingness that Ing. Tabacchi never fails to offer its customers!

NT-Project di Tabacchi Omar
Head Office: Firm Engineering - Ing. Omar Tabacchi - Ferrara (Italy)
P. IVA 01618380388




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