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Motore Ryger - La novitÓ del kart 125 KZ
In recent months one of the most debated topics has been certainly the advent of the Ryger engine in the kart 125 KZ , bombastic statements, chitchat and at today few certainties. Many friends and customers have asked us for an opinion, and so we tried to give a look. Unfortunately the informations are really few so all the assumptions and considerations be taken lightly, because some particular hidden could change every speech.

Based on the approval homologation and on some image of the web, the engine in our view it characterized by two major innovations:
separate main bearing lubrication system
scavenging pump in the cylinder instead that in the crankcase
Ryger Engine - The innovation of kart 125 KZ Ryger Kart 125 KZ engine working assumptions Ryger Engine - The innovation of kart 125 KZ
From the point of view of the emissions surely have separated lubrication may be beneficial, while for what concerns the fluid dynamic aspect , apart to move the scavengine pump from the crankcase to the cylinder, the cycle appears to be that of a classic 2 stroke engine, and maybe that's why the CIK-FIA did not have difficult to homologate.
Then the speech of performance apparently become linked to compression ratio that the scavenging pump is able to create, to the size of the ports obtained in the cylinder, and to all that then intervenes in a classic 2-stroke.
Remain the mechanical aspects in fact a piston made in this way, besides not being symmetrical, will certainly have a weight not comparable to conventional pistons, then both the loads to which are subject the organs of the crank mechanism, both the balancing, surely will require specific calculations.
Moreover will be to check the friction of the smaller diameter of the piston , and how the lubrication will work for all the organs.
How to see the unknowns on the operation and any critical issues are so many, however, the innovations are always good , so we have to wait and everything will become clear ... the moment has come!!!
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Technical Papers to better understand many fundamental aspects of engine, chassis and tires in motorsport