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SET-UP BIKE Software to tuner the motorbike from the garage to the track - by NT-Project
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SET-UP BIKE is a dynamic simulation software aimed to the fine tuning of the motorcycle on track. The software allows in fact to analyze in advance the effectiveness of the technical choices and of set-up (sprocket ratio, suspension setting, tyres temperature) in the different tracks and conditions, and then to hel technician and rider to go fast in the right direction to have the best performance.


How it works?

SET-UP BIKE through the implementation of a specific dynamic calculation and a virtual rider calculates the performance of the motorcycle on a determined track taking into account of all the main factors that influence it.

The data useful to use the software can be detected from each team and mechanic with extreme readiness and are targeted to feature the motorcycle in all its aspects:

frame rider suspensions tyres engine gearbox transmission
SET-UP BIKE - Frame and rifer data - by NT-Project SET-UP BIKE - Suspensions and tyres data - by NT-Project
The graphic visualization allows a fast and intuitive entering of the data, after will be sufficient to choose the track where you want make the dynamic simulation, and in few seconds the software will calculate the best performance that the motorcycle in the configuration entered can make on the track chosen.
SET-UP BIKE - Engine, gearbox and transmission data - by NT-Project SET-UP BIKE - Trajectory where make the dynamic simulation - by NT-Project
The realism of the simulations performed by the SET-UP BIKE is verified through comparisons with the data collected by telemetry. The graph below shows an example of calculated speed compared through simulation (red) with that measured by telemetry (blue), you notice the absolute consistency of the results with deviations due exclusively to driving differences between the real and the virtual rider in some points of the track.
SET-UP BIKE - Absolute consistency between the calculated results and measured experimentally - by NT-Project
This consistency therefore allows to exploit SET-UP BIKE to predict the behavior of the motorcycle and its performance as a function of the technical choices and of the set-up which are to be performed. This allows to identify in advance the correct direction of fine tuning of the bike to vary of the tracks, of the track conditions, of the physical characteristics of the rider, etc.

Uses of the software

The software SET-UP Bike is of fundamental aid both in the development of the motorcycle, both in the set-up on the track. In this short presentation we will try to give you an idea of the major benefits that you can get by placing the software on your team or in your development department.


After the technical choices is necessary to obtain the maximum from the potentiality of the motorcycle on all the tracks and in every weather and track conditions. Also for this purpose the software SET-UP Bike is of fundmental importance to have an important help in the set-up choices that you must make.

One of the setting fundmental to make on the motorcycle are that of the suspension. Usually you work run after run in the basis of rider indications and the experience of the technicians, this however takes time to get to the set-up better, and often it is hard to get it. Thanks to the software SET-UP Bike you can evaluate in advance the set-up and beginning already from a good base, and in any case know in advance the pros and cons of different set-up. This becomes even more important on a track where you've never been, or if the bike has changed, or for example, if you've turned only with the sun, and there is rain, that's the SET-UP Bike software it becomes crucial for make a difference and you can already start benifed, in fact choosing the track and the grip, you can try different set-up of the suspension, as well as to analyze in advance the loads that will have on the suspension and setting them accordingly without fail.
SET-UP BIKE - Suspensions Optimal Set-up spring stiffness, preload, compression and extension damping, fork and shock - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Tracks championship Superbike - CEV - CIV, ecc. - by NT-Project
Same speech is true for the final sprockets which is one of the choices determinants in order to obtain the maximum from the engine track by track. Thanks to the software you can find track by track, and for the different conditions of grip, the sprockets to have the best performance. SET-UP BIKE - Sprockets more suitable on the different tracks and conditions - by NT-Project

Moreover track to track you can have from the simulation all a series of informations that can help both the technician on the choice of set-up, both the rider on the driving.

If for example, you can handle the bike's traction control, thanks to the software SET-UP Bike you can analyze in advance the use of the throttle in different grip conditions of the track, and therefore if in the race w.e the grip changes, with a simple click you can set in the software the new grip and thanks to the simulation immediately see how to intervene to maintain the control in the new conditions.
SET-UP BIKE - Tyre feature and grip conditions to foresee the set-up and the optimal setting - by NT-Project

The rider can take an important help from the SET-UP Bike software to improve his driving, analyzing what makes the virtual rider, in fact looking like the virtual rider uses the accelerator and brake, can understand before you even get on track the areas where it will have to be careful when opening the throttle, or when braking, and this may help it avoid regrettable mistakes. The same speech is true for example for the use of the rear brake, in fact you can see at which points its use can lead to performance benefits.

Other data extremely important that the software SET-UP Bike calculates, is the temperature of the different zones of tyres in each point of the track, this is a data from which technician and rider can have a great advantage, in fact will be possible to see how the different set-up make work the tyres, and to make the right choose also watching this. Moreover can see the points at which the tire tends to cool down and then there may be a drop in grip to watch, both the points where it tends to overheat, and then especially in a race optical force in these points can cause to burn the tire and to have a rapid performance decay. Tre aree di analisi temperatura del pneumatico - SET-UP Bike  SET-UP BIKE - Calcolo temperatura delle gomme anteriore e posteriore nelle diverse zone per analizzare il comportamento nei vari punti della pista - by NT-Project


The development and the preparation step of the motorcycle is obviously crucial because all the technical choices will determine the potential of the motorcycle on the track and the level of performance to which can aspire. Unfortunately for making of the technical choices, in addition to studies and experience, track testing is crucial. But studying solutions, try them on track, edit, retry, etc., determines timelines and costs that for one of the two reasons are not sustainable. Moreover what can fit on a track, may not work well in an other, and then for who participate in a championship, and aims to be competitive in all circumstances, the situation is complicated even more. For this the simulation has become so important across the motorsport, and the software SET-UP Bike was born just to help the team and engineers to make the technical choices in the right direction very quickly.

For example for the frame you can simulate the effect on the performance of:
- weight distribution;
- frame geometry (wheelbase and footpegs, saddle, handlebars positions);
    SET-UP BIKE - Weight distribution and frame geometry to optimal performance - by NT-Project  
And all this can also be done in relation to the rider body characteristics, that have a significant effect on the dynamics of motion. SET-UP BIKE - Settings more suited to the rider body - by NT-Project
Or by evaluating the behavior both a full tank, both to tank unload. SET-UP BIKE - Setting for both full tank and unload tank - by NT-Project

As we shall see better in the results, in addition to the lap time, you can see if the virtual rider (and consequently the real one), will have to do more or less effort to get that performance, analyzing for example how must be used the throttle and the brake between a solution and the other.

For what concerns the engine, if you have available engines with different power curves, you can for example see which may be more suitable to a track, rather than to an other, both for a pure performance speech, both for see the effort the rider has to do to handle it, analyzing the use of the throttle, etc. SET-UP BIKE - Engine Power Dyno Chart more suitable on the different tracks - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Optimal gear ratio on the different tracks - by NT-Project If you can intervene on the gear ratios, you can identify which ones are most suitable for the different tracks, or those that offer the best compromise for all the tracks of the championship. Same speech is true for the final sprockets that can be identified track to track to have the best performance.

These are just some examples of the great help you can get from simulation with the SET-UP Bike software in the stage development of the motorcycle.

Come detto per la preparazione della moto, anche per la messa a punto in pista, questi sono solo alcuni esempi degli innumerevoli vantaggi che potete avere nel vostro team unendo alle vostre strumentazioni anche il software SET-UP Bike. La serie di risultati che offre infatti è di grande aiuto sia per lo sviluppo della moto, sia per il set-up in pista e per aiutare il pilota nella guida.


The functionality and the information provided by SET-UP BIKE are really important and as you have seen the examples of the situations in which you can have advantage are innumerable.

At the end of the calculation for first you can see the lap time that the virtual rider has obtained exploiting at the best the features and the set-up of the motorcycle.

SET-UP BIKE - Tempo sul giro - by NT-Project

Obviously, when you compare the different set-up or conditions, the lap time is the most immediate reference, but it is much more important to understand how it has come to that performance and why it could not do better. This is what usually makes the rider when he returns to the pit trying to transfer all its feelings to the technicians, and this is often a very difficult phase. Thanks to the software SET-UP Bike instead the virtual rider knows exactly what is the cause that has limited his performance in all the points of the track and this can be very useful to understand where to intervene to improve the performance. In the results for first are shown the global analysis on the lap, both for what concerns the performance, but also for the use of the gearbox, the driving, and the loss of adherence between the front and the rear.

SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle Performance Analysis - by NT-Project SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle Gearbox Analysis - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle driving analysis - by NT-Project SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle loss of adherence - by NT-Project

The same analyzes are then displayed on the track, thus you can see point by point what happens.
SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle Performance Analysis - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle Gearbox Analysis - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle driving analysis - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Motorcycle loss of adherence - by NT-Project

In addition to the analyzes are then shown the graphs of all the variables calculated by the software, and you can see their values in any point of the track. As you can see in the example is shown below where the engine speed, you can slide a bar and see what position you are on track and the value of the quantity in question.

SET-UP BIKE - Graphs of all the quantities useful for the development and the set-up of the motorcycle - by NT-Project

The calculated quantities are numerous and as explained allow to technicians and riders to get the most appropriate decisions both in the preparation phase of the motorcycle, both to obtain the best set-up on track. Is in fact important to remember that all these quantities can be calculated and analyzed before to go on track, then you can already identify the best solutions, and be ready earlier than others to different track conditions, etc. Afterwards there will show you some of the most significant quantities.

SET-UP BIKE - motorcycle speed - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - motorcycle acceleration - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - motorcycle lateral acceleration g-g - by NT-Project
Thanks to these values you can get a first idea of the overall performance of the bike based on the characteristics of the track and its grip conditions. You can then evaluate in advance the braking points, corner speed, etc., And this can be can be di of assistance to rider and technician especially if you find yourself in front of a track that you do not know, or with different weather conditions.
LOADS (forces and torques)
SET-UP BIKE - forces acting on the wheels - tyre pressure - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - forces acting on fork and rear arm - set-up stiffness preload spring and damping bound rebound - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - front and rear braking torque, brakes set-up - by NT-Project
Thanks to the calculated values of the loads acting on the different elements in each point of the track, the technician may have all the information to previously carry out the set-up of the pressure of the tires, suspension (springs and damping), and of the brakes, thus managing to adapt their own set-up to the various tracks, and the different conditions, going very quickly in the right direction.
The software based on the set-up of the suspension entered (stiffness springs, preload, damping in compression and extension) calculates the suspension travel at each point of the track allowing you to see beforehand how they work and how it changes the balance depending on the characteristics and track conditions.
SET-UP BIKE - Fork travel - SET-UP suspensions - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Rear arm rotation - SET-UP suspensions - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Throttle utilization, traction control - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Front and rear brakes utilization, engine brake management - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Gear shift, choose the optimal gear ratio track by track - by NT-Project
Thanks to the values calculated on the driving that performs the virtual driver, the technician can learn important information for both the choices in the development, in terms of power delivery, both during the fine tuning, for the management of traction control, or the engine brake, or to identify the optimum gear ratios for different tracks and conditions. In addition to the technicians from these results can obtain important information also the rider, that can see in advance the most critical areas during acceleration and braking, or where it can be convenient to use the rear brake, etc.
SET-UP BIKE - Temperature right side of the tire in the different parts of the track, grip and wear - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Temperature central part of the tire in the different parts of the track, grip and wear - by NT-Project
SET-UP BIKE - Temperature left side of the tire in the different parts of the track, grip and wear - by NT-Project
Thanks to these values the technician and the driver can have a clear idea of how the tire works track by track, and to know in advance the points where the tire grip could decreases because the side loaded tends to cool down, or where on the contrary tends to overheat and so you have to be careful not to force too much in those points, especially in a race optics.

The software SET-UP BIKE is therefore cruciale both to make the most appropriate technical choices already in the workshop, both to obtain information relevant to the set-up of suspensions, brakes, tires, etc. to vary of the track and its conditions.

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