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Software Four Stroke Simulator - 4-Stroke Engine Simulation for Design and Development - by NT-Project
Simulation is fundamental in the development of a 4-stroke engine, but unfortunately it's often inaccessible due to complexity and cost. For this reason, thanks to over 20 years of experience in simulation, we wanted to create the software Four Stroke Simulator,  for the single cylinder engine, which on the one hand is very easy to use, and on the other provided consistent results to carry out a first important step of optimizing the head (valve and lift dimensions and timing), and the geometry of intake and exhaust system.
Software Professional Cam - Perfect Cam - Design Cams Lift Laws Profile - by NT-Project
One of the main actions of preparation and development of a 4-stroke engine consists in the modification of the camshaft. With the experience or the simulation you can determine the new timings and the new maximum lift, but what remains problematic is the determination of the lift law and of the cam profile, this to maximize the volumetric efficiency and in the meantime check out the valve train acceleration for reliability and wear. Thanks to the software Professional Cam instead you can design your cams with precision and to have the drawing and the data for a fast realisation.
Software Head Design - Development engine head and head ducts - by NT-Project
The head ports modifications has always been one of the most important stage in the development of the engine. Often, however, it is possible to obtain  the  optimal modifications to head ports only through countless hours on the flow bench or relying on expensive simulations cfd. The software Head Design instead wants to give to the tuners a simple tool that will help them to identify in advance the appropriate changes to make to the ducts, directing their, through appropriate fluid dynamic calculations, in the right direction for the benefit of time and costs.
Software Intake Bellmouth Design - Design and Drawing intake bellmouth for throttle body and carburetors - by NT-Project
The fluid dynamic losses that there are at the inlet of intake duct of throttle body or carburetors, limiting the effective area of passage of the same and thus penalize the maximum volumetric efficiency possible for the engine. The reduction of these losses is possibile with the application of cornets, but to find the their optimal geometry is not always easy. Thanks to the software Intake Bellmouth Design instead you can quickly find the most suitable geometry of the bellmouth. Moreover, the software provides the data and the drawing of the bellmouth for an easy realisation with CNC machines.
Software to tuner and develop intake system - exhaust system - head - manifold - four stroke engine - Four Stroke Design by NT-Project
In the development of the engine, the interventions on the geometry of intake and of exhaust, and on the valve timing are essential. It's possible therefore use formulas that help to make the sizing, but these are unfortunately not very precise, or it's possible use fluid dynamics simulation, but the thing is long and requires specific knowledge, which often the tuners can not deal. For this reason NT-Project has developed the software Four Stroke Design which allows to have indications for the sizing of the engine much more precise than the classic formulas, and at the same time to have an ease and a speed of use ideal for the technicians and the tuners who want to quickly identify the best solutions for their needs.
Software Crankshaft Balance Design - Design balancing and inertia four stroke single cylinder engine crankshaft - by NT-Project
In a single cylinder engine choices in terms of balance and inertia of the crankshaft engine are fundamental both for what concerns the reliability (loads on the frame, vibrations, etc..), both for performance, in fact influence the amount of friction and then the engine power, acceleration, shift gear, brake engine, etc.. Making appropriate choices is not always easy as they depend on characteristics of the engine, of the vehicle and of the type of use. Thanks to the software Crankshaft Design instead you can quickly find the optimal solution to get the best results.
Software Gearbox Design - Design Gearbox Shift - Final Drive Ratio - Engine Speed Upshift - Engine Inertia - by NT-Project
In function of the characteristics of the engine and of the vehicle, the choice of the gearbox ratios is essential to fully exploit the potential of the engine. Equally important are the choice of the final drive ratio, the engine speed upshift, and the engine inertia. Finding the best solutions is not easy because each engine and each vehicle require different choices, but thanks to the software Gearbox Design you can easily make the choices to get the best performance on the track.
Software Variator Design - Design Variator - by NT-Project
The study and the development of a variator is very complex, but it is also essential to make the most of the engine's potential. That is why we have developed the software Variator Design  that allows you to see how any intervention on the variator influences the performance, and therefore to identify the most suitable components, the changes to be made, and the optimal set-up, for your needs depending on the engine and vehicle characteristics.
Software Virtual Dyno - Engine Performance Calculation from acquisition data of AIM ALFANO 2D UNIPRO GET COSWORTH STARLANE RKS - by NT-Project
The data acquisition systems and telemetry allow you to collect a lot of information on vehicle performance, but what is often difficult to obtain are engine performance (torque, power) to analyze concretely how is making it and then evaluate the optimal tuning. Thanks to the software Virtual Dyno you can instead easily get the curves of torque and power of your engine, simply by rearranging the data acquired from your acquisition system.
Software Flow Analysis - Head Flowbench Results Analysis - by NT-Project
The flow bench is an excellent tool to verify the efficiency of a fluid component, often, however, the analysis is limited to the flow rate (cfm, etc..), Which from a point of view of the evaluation of the efficiency is not very significant, especially when you flush components with different areas. Thanks to the software Flow Analysis instead from the data collected from your flow bench you can really see the efficiency of the component, and then see if the modifications have given a benefit or whether the fluid flow rate is changed just because the passage area is increased or decreased. This is crucial to obtain a development in the optimal direction.
  NT-Project can also develop customized versions of software in production, or engine software to meet specific needs, here you can see some examples

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